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Panel-Style Identification

There are four primary generations of Westinghouse and Knoll Equity panels. (Click on an image to see an enlargement.)

ASD is the 1st generation, late 1960's to mid 1970's. Plastic T-mold top cap, no raceway, slotted side rails stamped steel with clip attached. Wood or aluminum panel frames. Rigid fiberglass panel core compositions & laminated wood cores.

ASD+ - 2nd generation, flat metal top cap with plastic insert ends, aluminum raceway with plastic covers, panel rails roll formed w/removable top & bottom post clips. Available with: two circuit electric in a single receptacle, soft fiberglass cores, steel & aluminum frames.

Wes Group
Wes Group — 3rd generation, 1982-1990. Radius top cap, uses rigidizers, "V" shaped post screw, black steel race-way, steel covers, modular electric. Two terminal blocks (left & right) per panel. Soft fiberglass or Ultra Gypsum panel cores, steel frames.

Knoll Equity
Knoll Equity — 4th generation, 1990 to present, almost the same as Wes Group, looks the same, same hardware, except electric is placed in center of raceway — one terminal block per panel. Panel cores made of Gypsum composition.

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